About Tom Putzki Consulting

Tom Putzki Consulting was founded in 2006 by games industry veteran Tom Putzki, and provides support in business development, networking, marketing, PR, sales, strategy and human resources.

The TPC team provides clients from both inside and outside the industry direct access to the key individual and corporate players in the games industry. Clients include game development studios, publishers, hardware manufacturers, professional associations and outside companies looking to build games industry relationships.

TPC is based in Berlin, one of the major games capitals of Europe.

Tom Putzki

About Tom Putzki

Tom Putzki is a pioneering international games industry veteran, with a long track record including shipping over 50 games in categories ranging from casual games to AAA console blockbusters. In 2017 Tom was honored with induction into the German Dev Days Hall of Fame and the German Developer Awards Hall of Fame.

He began his career at the German developer Greenwood Entertainment, and founded his first company, Piranha Bytes (developers of the Gothic series), in 1997. After selling the company in 1999 he became co-founder of Phenomedia AG, famous for the Moorhuhn character.

In 2006 Tom founded Tom Putzki Consulting, where the team supports national and international games industry clients, as well as firms from other industries. For the last decade he has served as European Spokesperson for Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the worldwide blockbuster World of Tanks.

He speaks on a regular basis at conferences, trade fairs and roundtables, and periodically teaches at multiple academies and universities.

Tom was the founding CEO of G.A.M.E. (the German Game Developers Association), a position he held for its initial two years of operation. He is a proud member of the gamescom advisory board as well as a member of the Jury of the German Game Developer Award.

Tom Putzki
Chris Gehrke
Chris Gehrke

About Chris Gehrke

As a graduate school instructor, Chris spent many years working for the Berlin Senate and independent youth welfare agencies before entering the games industry in 2005.

Her experience includes working at Borgmeier Media, Jöllenbeck GmbH and and on a freelance basis for the former G.A.M.E. (the German Developer Association). Since 2007 she has served as a consultant for Tom Putzki Consulting with clients such as ex-Aruba GmbH, Indigo Pearl (now delasocial GmbH), Cowana GmbH and several others. For the last two years she has also carried out part-time assignments as a project lead at the Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur in Berlin.

Chris is highly experienced in business development, with an extensive personal network across the international games industry and advises and supports teams and companies on topics such as social responsibility and social competence.

She is passionate about planning high-impact events and organizing and managing effective client booths for gamescom and other events and conferences.

In 2013 Chris became one of the founding members of the Gaming Aid charity organization, and has served as Vice Chairwoman of the Board since 2016.

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